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Kitonb Project

Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)



Light Art


Ballerina pays homage to the dreams of all the little girls in the world who dream to reach the infinite through their moves and art.
The artwork consists solely of light as a compositional tool, and it endlessly repeats the figurative sequence of a cyclical ballet, perfectly synchronized with its soundtrack.
The observer is absorbed, almost hypnotized, by a sort of big carillon, thanks to
some factors that fix their attention in a subconscious perception.
The incredibly precise relation of synchrony with the rhythm of the music is reminiscent of the elegance and softness of a royal dance, while its cyclic nature brings us back to an infinite which is mainly desire, desire for infinite love, for infinite light, for infinite life.
In this dreamlike context, the Ballerina of light goes on and on dancing in the sky, performing steps and pirouettes, in an endless sequence, almost oblivious to the context of architectures, paths, banisters, lampposts and benches which welcome her in the fond embrace of the whole city.





Exhibited in:

Xiamen, CN 2019

Sydney, AU 2019

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