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Kitonb Project

Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)


Love Like A Movie

Live Show

Love Like A movie

The concert evolves into a multi-layered visual spectacle with live performances by international artists and local stars. Set against a backdrop that transforms into a full-fledged theatrical machine, acrobatic dance choreography and performers take turns, rejuvenating in a whirlwind of costumes and imagery. The visual mosaic is further enhanced by impressive video mapping and 3D animations on a triple 50-meter screen.


The various scenes of this show narrate the story of a man (Darey) who experiences the different phases of love in his life. His imagination embellishes the details, his memory reconstructs dreamlike moments, creating a blend of reality, fantasy, words, and music that transitions from a paradisiacal world to an infernal scenario, concluding in a triumphant finale.


The concept for this concert-show emerged from a rewarding dialogue between the musician Darey and director Angelo Bonello, where the dreams and passions of the pop star found resonance in the stylistic approach of the Italian artist.

Special guest:

Kim Kardashan – American media personality, socialite, and businesswoman





Exhibited in:

Lagos NG

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