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Kitonb Project

Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)


Tessellis - The Animal Dance

Light Art

Tessellis - The Animal Dance

What if animals became the masters of the earth, what if nature took back the planet? What if all of this was already written and foretold in an ancient mosaic? …
It would be a great party!!!
Eighteen luminous tesserae, like fragments of an ancient mosaic, the memory of a vanished civilization resurfacing once again. They are simple geometric shapes that alternately turn on and off, transforming from the ancient signs of a mysterious code to the contemporary ones of a progressive and articulated visual grammar. Through the composition and decomposition of the tesserae, they create images that change from the abstract to the figurative language, which take us from the ancient civilization to the metropolis of the future, where animals are reappropriating the world.





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