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Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)


Transfigured Victory

Light Art

Transfigured Victory

“Transfigured Victory” is an extraordinary reimagining of the classical masterpiece, the Winged Victory, seen through a contemporary lens. This sculpture was conceived with the specific intention of establishing a contrasting dialogue with the classical architecture of its context. Standing at approximately 5 meters tall, it features a rigid profile that faithfully reproduces that of the original sculpture. However, what truly makes this work exceptional is how it utilizes modern technology.

Thanks to the use of video projectors and lasers, “Transfigured Victory” appears to be in a constant state of composition and decomposition. The projected video graphics give the impression that the sculpture is transforming before our eyes, while the laser beam creates the illusion that light is sculpting the material itself. It is an innovative and ever-evolving process that strikingly represents the contemporary transfiguration of classical art.

This remarkable artwork was exhibited at the Light is Life Festival, which attracted an incredible influx of 600,000 visitors during the exhibition days. Interestingly, the festival was curated by the artist himself, Angelo Bonello, whose exceptional talent and creativity are clearly evident in this extraordinary work.

Now, through this virtual exhibition, you can fully immerse yourself in “Transfigured Victory” and discover every detail of this fascinating reinterpretation of classical art. We invite you to explore this unique creation and be captivated by the ongoing evolution of this extraordinary contemporary artwork.





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