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Kitonb Project

Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)


Big Ballerina

Light Art

Big Ballerina

Big Ballerina is a compelling work of art that serves as a poignant reflection on the concept of perfection, both in the realm of art and in our lives. It underscores the idea that true perfection is the result of immense dedication, arduous effort, great personal sacrifice, unwavering courage, and at times, profound human and psychological struggles. It posits that authentic art is born from inner turmoil and suffering, as it is from these depths that compelling narratives and creations emerge. In the mundane routine of everyday existence, there is often little of interest to convey or experience without this inner turmoil.


Big Ballerina aims to inspire younger generations to adopt a more discerning perspective, one that transcends superficial appearances and aesthetics, and instead encourages a search for substance. The work beckons viewers to develop a more profound gaze, one that delves deeper into the core of things.


Notably, Big Ballerina also offers a floating version, which was showcased at the Light Is Life festival on Montisola as part of the celebrations for Bergamo and Brescia being designated as the Cultural Capitals of 2023. This alternative rendition of the piece presents a captivating, gigantic, elegant, and luminous visual image that initially captivates the audience with its aesthetics. However, it ingeniously introduces a dichotomy between the visual and auditory elements, between the completed form and dynamic form, which shatters the initial enchantment. This disruption creates an emotional dissonance that invites reflection on the interplay between ethics and aesthetics, challenging the viewer to contemplate the complex relationship between the two.





Exhibited in:


Montisola (Floating)

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