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Kitonb Project

Artificio Italiano Srl

Via del Centro Breccia, 22;

00054 – Fiumicino – Roma (Italy)


Archives: Portfolio

Hongcun Aju

Hongcun Aju Live Show Hongcun Aju Hongcun Aju is a resident show staged in a purpose-built theater on water, earthand air. The stage is […]

Dream of Nigeria

Dream of Nigeria Live Show Dream of nigeria A Ceremony to celebrate Nigeria’s 50th anniversary of Independence, held in thecapital Abuja in the presence […]

This is my place

This is my place Light Art this is my place The condition of reclusion experienced by humans during COVID time led Bonello to create […]


Ballerina Light Art ballerina Ballerina pays homage to the dreams of all the little girls in the world who dream to reach the infinite […]


Luxometro Light Art Luxometro LUXOMETRO is the first luminous art performance in which the Artist deals with the subject of the relationship macro-micro at […]


Carillon Live Show Carillon A huge rotating parallelepiped crossed by 600 meters of elastic ropes, becomes a surrealistic Music Box on which a choreography […]

Creative Studio Overview

Creative Studio Artificio Italiano Since 25 Years The Creative Studio, in its 25 years of activity, has built and produced more than 150 creative […]

Laser Interaction

Laser Interaction Live Show Laser Interaction Laser Interaction is a laser-interaction choreography where the magic of light is combined with the poetry of bodies […]

Love Like A Movie 3

Love Like A Movie 3 Live Show Love Like A movie 3 Building on the success of the first two editions, Darey, along with […]

Mermaid Water Stunt Show

Mermaid Water stunt show Live Show water stunt show A permanent show has been on stage since 2015 in one of the most important […]

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